New television project of The 31 Channel makes lives of multi-child families better

August 10, 2019
Television project “Mom, we are at home!” was announced by The 31 Channel that is a part of Bulat Utemuratov’s media assets. The project allowed for free of charge and quality repairs of residential premises where low-income multi-child families live: 24 families have already got free repairs in the first season of this broadcast. The television project participants were real people from Kazakhstani villages, small and large towns, who told their real stories. Many of them live in dilapidated houses, temporal huts and dormitories as large families in a disproportionately small space. The maintenance team of The 31 Channel comes to their homes and not just eliminates all current violations of sanitary, injunctive and fire safety standards, but gives to household members a completely new, modern, comfortable and beautiful living space. The viewers can see how ordinary apartments and houses of multi-child families gain a new look, become practical and cozy for their comfortable stay. The project is financed out of the funds of the Ministry of Information and Public Development and out of the own funds of The 31 Channel.
We allocate about 130 million tenge, the remaining amount will be added by The 31 Channel. This money is non-repayable. It will be charity,” commented Minister of Information and Public Development Dauren Abaev.
According to Yury Brodsky, The 31 Channel Director General, the most important criteria for selection of participants are four or more children under 18 and the family’s own living space which does not exceed 55 sq. m.  if it is an apartment, and 70 sq.m if it’s a house. Renovation of the housing of the programme participants was done by the best design and construction companies of our country.
“We, of course, called in a special commission which considers each application in detail. Apart from meeting the criteria, we were interested, first of all, in the families themselves – how they live, what they dream about, what difficulties they face and how they overcome these difficulties. As the “Mom, we are at home” project is primarily about real people stories”, – said Yury Brodsky at the official presentation of the project in Nur-Sultan.
The head of The 31 Channel stressed that, in contrast to typical makeovers, the “Mom, we are at home!” project stipulates for the entire apartment or house renovation, including replacement of furniture, bathroom fixtures, kitchen electronic appliances and other burdensome and complicated parts of repairs:
“A family raising a large number of children always has enough troubles, especially if this is about housing. We are confident that our project “Mom, we are at home!” is not just to renovate the interiors in apartments and houses of multi-child families, but that it will help them to become happy. Each episode is a separate broadcast, individual story of one family which will definitely meet a response in your hearts”, added Yury Brodsky.
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