Minister of Education visited autism centre and school greenhouses in Almaty

October 26, 2021

These projects were launched by Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation.

Minister of Education Askhat Aimagambetov visited Assyl Miras Autism Centre of Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation and got familiarized with the conditions and techniques developed for work with children.

According to him, a great number of specialists were trained in behavioral analysis at the expense of this Foundation. Now they render assistance to children and their parents.

“Currently, we have included these centres as separate organisations in the order “On the nomenclature of types of educational organisations”. This allows akimats to open and maintain such organisations. In addition, we plan to improve the behavioral analysis qualifications of specialists working in psychological and pedagogical correction rooms and rehabilitation centres,” wrote Askhat Aimagambetov on Facebook.

He noted that a resource centre for coordination of school activities in teaching children with special educational needs has been opened on the base of the National Scientific and Practical Centre “Development of Special and Inclusive Education”.

The Minister also visited school greenhouses that were launched in the framework of the “Green Schools” project of Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation.

“There are already 16 such greenhouses functioning in Almaty where our schoolchildren together with their teachers can grow plants. It is planned to expand the project to other regions too in future,” emphasized the Minister.

Askhat Aimagambetov believes that this novelty in urban schools introduces children to labour, develops the environmental culture and allows them to gain practical knowledge and skills since school days.


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