Greenhouses and a new airport terminal: Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation summed up the year

December 08, 2021

Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation spent3 billion tenge in 2021 for projects in the health, education and culture sectors and for support of the needy.

The Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Dr Almaz Sharman, told about eighteen projects the Foundation supported in 2021. These included enhancement of the “Autism. One World for All” programme, “Green School” and “Jas Leader Akademiiasy” (“Academy of Young Leaders”) projects, aid rendered to people affected by natural disasters and housing granted to families in need.

“Jas Leader Akademiiasy” is helping children of 50 schools in Shymkent and the Turkestan Oblast to develop skills of communication, team work and time management. Within next five years, the project will cover schools in seven more oblasts, and the total budget of the project will comprise 2.1 billion tenge,” noted Sharman.

The “Green School” environmental project for children started in 16 state-owned schools of Almaty where the Foundation built greenhouses with smart systems of drip watering, lighting and heating, and published textbooks for pupils and teachers containing detailed instructions on how to tend their plants.

The Foundation sent 300 million tenge to the Aralsk District during the drought to purchase forage for cattle and agricultural machinery. Restoration of the Aspai spillway thanks to which water goes to the Small Aral Sea became a milestone event. The “Balameken” project enabled purchase of apartments for 40 multi-child and needy families in Aralsk for the total amount of 300 million tenge.

The Assyl Miras autism centres network continues to grow. Before the end of this year the tenth centre will open in Taraz, and next year – a centre in Karaganda. Intervention programmes in these centres were attended by 2,152 children in 2021 and by 11,076 children for the entire lifetime of the programme.

The Foundation continues its “Aid Card” project jointly with the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan.  Those affected by floods got financial aid for the amount of 53 million tenge. Thirty families in Ridder town, whose houses were burnt down during the forest fire, received 1 million tenge each.

Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation continues to support projects run by the Batyrkhan Shukenov Foundation. These include issue of the “Otan Ana” vinyl album, holding of the first musical residence for composers and award of personalised scholarships. “The culmination of our cooperation will be creation of a public space dedicated to the memory of Batyr that we plan to open next May in the capital,” shared the plans the Board of Trustees member, RoK people’s artist Zhaniya Aubakirova.

The Foundation will fund the construction of a new terminal of the Korkyt Ata airport that will subsequently be signed off to the Kyzylorda Oblast Akimat and will have a capacity to handle 300 passengers per hour.


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