Mikhail Kukushkin: “Until recently we could not even dream of eight licences for the Olympics”

July 18, 2021

Tennis player Mikhail Kukushkin commented on the record number of Olympic passes won by Kazakhstani seeds.

– This is a unique event for the Kazakhstan tennis. In the first turn, this emphasises that all the work of the country’s Tennis Federation done by the Federation’s President, Bulat Zhamitovich Utemuratov, over the past 14 years, is being carried out in the right way and is bearing fruit.

Until recently, we could not even dream of eight licences for the Olympics. It’s just great! In 2012, when I first participated in the Olympic Games, I was the only one on the part of men from Kazakhstan. Now our tennis is on the great rise.

Women have quite open draw at any big tournament, and almost any female tennis player of a good level can win. For example, I believe that our Lena Rybakina has very good chances; she has been playing really well in recent years, she is in the leading roles. I think she has a chance for a medal.

Source: https://www.sports.ru/kazakhstan/1099242852-mixail-kukushkin-eshhe-nedavno-my-ne-mogli-i-mechtat-o-vosmi-liczenziy.html

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